About Us

The St Andrews Ball emerged from The St Andrews Midsummers Ball, which was established in 2008.  Following the success of the inaugural event, the St Andrews Midsummer’s Ball became a fixture on the local social calendar and, after a ‘year out’ in 2015, we came back “new and improved” ahead of one of our most successful events up to that point in May 2016.

We now alternate between offering a high end black tie dinner one year and a more relaxed drinks event the next, but our aim is always to offer a fantastic night for our guests and ask, unabashedly, that in return they generously support our fundraising.

The St Andrews Ball black-tie dinner in May 2018 raised in excess of £31,000 which was shared out to more than 50 organisations, all based in and around Fife and most of which work with children in their respective communities.  

Indeed, over the years, we have distributed almost ??  to children’s charities and clubs in and around St Andrews and the East Neuk.  Some of the funds went to help with special projects, such as upgrading the kitchen at the Scout Hall, putting on a Christmas party for the toddlers at Cosmos or contributing towards the cost of a new beach wheelchair, whilst for others we are helping to cover the running costs of the invaluable organisations they represent.

We are a committee of eight local, like-minded business women who work hard to plan and deliver great events, however, our end game is simple – to help some very good causes locally who, without our help, might not be able to do what they do. 

The St Andrews Ball relies heavily on, and is very grateful for, the support of a wide range of small, local businesses as well as the support of larger organisations including the Kohler Group, IMG and Dunhill Links Championship.